GEO Bunny’s

In class we did somethin,

We had to make a bunny out of GEOMETRIC shapes

(mine in picture above)

Witch is like…impossible cause bunny’s are the OPPOSITE of geometric.

Anyways the the teacher created a bunny tribe that only the best bunny’s get into.

Mine is OBVIOUSLY getting in, so sweat…

I think…

Here is the definition of my bunny

Name: Garlic Mc’gee

Garlic Mc’gee is a world famous stand up comedian and Magic show runner. He can turn a chocolate bar into birds and can saw anyone in half. And is like the 3ooth bunny with a top hat (‘-‘) He also farts glitter.

(the last part may not be true)

He was super hard to make ;-;


Basically for the math part we had to come up with the perimeter and area for most of the shapes. (for circles it was circumference ext.)

We had a criteria for minimum amount of specific shapes that we had to incorporate.

It was HARD and FRUSTRATING to measure and calculate all the shapes but I am proud I was able too. 😀


HaVe A




2% Milk (vol. 2)

Mooaarrrghhhh-.jpgCreative Commons License Sheila Sund via Compfight





IT IS…. 3% MILK!!!!

Yes….I found it…

I was in the supermarket looking at the milk available and saw it.        Whats worse is that it is not subject to the last milk post I made when I complained about it’s twin.

But my question is…is there such thing as 4 percent milk?

*google searches*

(o –  o)

There used to be.

Imagine if it was still available?

then I would have to make another one of these dumb post…\


But yeah my point still stands. Even for 3% milk.




*Google searches*

OMG NO NO NO.  There is such thing as…(find out in the next dumb post :D)


HOW TO: Write a Book!


Insides of a book

rafaelsoares via Compfight


Welcome  to my post!

Today I will talk about writing and making books/storys ect.

(I am probably not the best person to talk about this since I never published a book fully…BUT ONE DAY!!!)

I will talk about stuff to do and not to do in this post and I- blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Here we go.


1: Scenery- now if you are placing this in the real world this would apply less, but myself, add another layer to the real world.(by another layer I mean like another world or place in the real world)

2: Characters- now you can always go to my OC post about this cause completely original OC’s are the same as book characters almost.

3: Plot/Story line- this one is harder since these are more personal but…it’s good to have some advice. Now you need more than one big twist most people are like:

omg luke i am *BREATHEE* yo father lol trolled *BREEEEATHE*”

and that is the only big twist. BUT NAH, more is better. And for plot…do something original and not make it around one character saving the world since that is basically impossible for ONE person.

4: VILLAINS- this is going to be fun. Now for villains…don’t make them look evil or have an evil personality (AHEM AHEM Vader.)Lord VaderCreative Commons License David Russo via Compfight

Make them seem like normal people. AND PLEASE don’t make their reason for evil be:

“omg i have a super sad backstoryz and now im sad and evil and im going to take over leh city!!!”

5: Emotional ties and wanting a second book-

Have you ever cried when a character betrays someone or dies in a book?…it’s okay… eventually it will happen. If you want a successful book you want people to feel attached to the book which means making the characters likable.

So people get sad when they die in the book. So you can eventually bring them back from the dead and people can be so happy. Then a sequel will happen 🙂



YOU HAVE DONE IT! You created a book with a epic place, time, characters, villains, and depth!

And for those who haven’t…I-I’m sorry there is nothing I can do about that :-/

Now go publish it and get a free copy so you can reread it and drown in sorrow beacuse you put in so much character depth that you cry when someone dies even though you know it will happen.

Why did I make this? xD



Chapter Two

Rat fighting for survival Francisco Martins via Compfight

Staring down at my homework paper made me bored. All the numbers and letters of calculus and algebra staring at me. With a sigh I turned my eyes to my best friend, Shane, to see that she was equally brain dead. Suddenly the buzzing of the announcement box overhead was ringing in my ears.

Caden Spring, Shane Cliff and Daniel Annenberg to the principal’s office please. Caden Spring, Shane Cliff and Daniel Annenberg to the principal’s office please”.

I immediately panicked. I looked at Shane. She had a “oh no” face on. We slowly stood up and scooted to the door. We reached the hallway. Shane, a slim girl with black hair, hazel eyes, dressed in her normal jeans and t-shirt, slowly closed the door behind us, ignoring the weird stares from our classmates.

“We are dead!” my best friend exclaimed.

“You think he found out?!” I wondered out loud.

“Why wouldn’t he?!” She wailed. “Okay okay CALM down, let’s just get the punishment and be on our way.’’

“Well we WILL get a punishment if we don’t die first” I replied.

We walked down the hall in silence. The empty hallways did have the occasional student or teacher off to the next class. When we arrived Daniel was already seated in one of the three seats in front of the principal’s desk, an infuriated expression laid on us. We gingerly took the two seats next to him. The principal, a tall blonde haired man with green eyes with a good but cheap suit sat in a leather chair behind the desk, looking very unamused. “Ahem” he spoke as he picked up a piece of paper and started to read. “So you put homemade stink bombs under Mr. Clark’s chair?”. He spoke and raised a eyebrow and turned to looked at us.

“Not at all”

“No sir”

“Highly unacceptable” he admonished.

“Look, you nor I can deal with silly things like these,” he started “you were seen leaving Mr. Clark’s classroom right before the class started to stink.” he said, looking at Shane and I.

“Then why am here?” Daniel questioned.

“You know exactly why you are here young man” he replied “teachers said they smelled an awful stench coming from your locker. Turns out there was a broken, homemade stink bomb in it.”

All three of us sat, frozen, though I could tell Daniel was mad about getting in trouble.

“Starting Monday you three will have detention till Friday” he said

Shane was not happy and neither was I. We both put on our Oh great faces.

Daniel, it appeared, was about to burst in anger. He had a short temper…

The bell rang above us, signaling that school was over for the day.

“Dismissed” he finished.

We walked through the school doors, sighing.

“Well, there goes my plans.” I mumbled

“Mine too” agreed Shane.

“You think we can pay it off in a day?” I asked.

“Nah” she replied.

We walked towards our respective homes until we came to a fork in the road.  Shane went headed down the street to the left.

I decided to find a short-cut.

I sighed and walked a few blocks until after about 15 minutes I came to a hideaway alleyway,

As I walked down it I could feel the cool air going down my spine as if I was being coiled by a snake.

My boots crushed the leaves that have fallen from the building gutters, making it the only noise other than my breath.

Then another noise came, a low growling like that of a dog, came from behind me, though it didn’t quite sound like a dog.

I saw something out of the corner of my eye and turned to see a rat shuffling in some garbage, it squeaked and looked up at me.

But that wasn’t it. I quickened my pace to the end of the alley and walked out.

I ran a few more blocks down and went to my apartment and hung up my bag, shutting the door behind me.

Did the rat make the noise?

Journey Through the ABCs with Me

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(o D o)    Ringleader:  WELCOME LADIES AND GENTELMAN TO…ABC’s!!!

(  o – o)o-o) (  o-o)    Audiance: …*leaves*


Welcome to a blog post! Today I will be going through myself and personality using ABC’S 😀 I really hope you all enjoy! I worked hard on this and I find it interesting.

Without further adue…ABC’s!!!!


A. I love Apple fritters. The name especially.

B. I think Pancakes with Bananas in them, are gross. Protein pancakes are worse 0-0.

C. My Cat hates me <<<

D. My Dog, whenever I come home, screams at the top of his lungs, “OMG MY GOSH, MASTER YOU HAVE RETURNED I AM HERE I’LL LET EVERYONE KNOW!!!! NOTICE MEEEEE!”

E. I have always wondered…why are Elephants scared of mice?

F. Finding out that they fill chip bags with 99.9 percent air, for me, is like (- o –  ) “But why though?”

G.   my Guinea pigs scare my cat.  Yet for some reason he lays on-top of their cage?

H. I do not like Ham sandwiches. Sam-I-am.

I.  I love books, art, dragons, and waffles.

J.  Jam Starts with J, Journey starts with J.  I love Jam :3

K.  Kimberly is mah BFFAE (best friend forever and ever) .

L. I am thinking of making a  an animation called “Follow My Lead” and it’s about a stray cat named Cracker.

M. Wouldn’t it be cool if MARVEL created a whole new character from scratch and make a movie about him/her? Cause then no one would no what would happen or who he/her is.(this would make super hero movies experience have more varity.) PLUS it would be better for the non comic book nerds to actualy be in the same place as the comic book nerds 🙂  .

N. I am terrified of going into the Night by myself, cause zombies.

O. Green Olives smell disgusting in my opinion….BLACK OLIVES FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!.

P. “Pumpkin piiiiiiiiiie OOOOOOOOOH PUMPKIN PYYYEE          ITS DELICIOUS. I love pumpkin pie.”

Q.  My favorite bird is a hawk. My second is a Quail. Funny, because the two are polar opposites.

R. My second favorite color is red.

S. I love Shrimp. Shrimp rings, deep fried, prawnsYOU NAME IT!

(by the way shrimp tails taste gross, to too crunchy)

T. I used to, and still do to this day, always trap my brother at the top of the Teeter totter.

U. I love Undertale. Nothing more to say. Undertale is awesome.

V. “Vixen” is in my top three favorite words.


X. In my opinion if you take an awesome word then put a X on front it makes it look cooler. (Example: X-Rider. See?)

W. Walrus are hilarious. They’re so awesome.

Z. I. Hate. Dragonball Z. I do not like it. AT ALL.


That’s it! hoped you enjoyed. I did. Here’s a question:

List your top 3 favorite letters then write a sentence about you to go with it in the comments!

See ya later!



WHERE IN THE WORLD IS Valentino Cupid?


Shot Through The Heart Julie Jablonski via Compfight

Hello folks,

Valentine’s Day was like a month ago but I’m going to write about it anyways…

My class made Cupid traps out of Lego and when the teacher was talking about it a few people said:

“Isn’t that slavery?”

“We are kidnappers!”

“Cupid is a baby!”

“Oh my gosh we are kidnapping a baby?”

Yep…well the plan was to trap cupid so we would spread love throughout our school and community….

“What about the other people in the world? ”

“So were keeping him hostage?”

Anyways, I made a trap, and the plan was for Ccupid to see the “AWESOME LOVE GUN 8000!!!!!” inside the trap. He would go for it ’cause it would make his job easier. So when he goes through the trap door to get it, he is stuck ’cause a block is in the way of him getting out. So it’s a one way in, no way out situation.

Here is mine:

And do not worry…it’s MUCH smaller in person 🙂

Well, that’s all, Folks. have a wonderful (late) Valentines day!!!


Chapter One.


It was a cold night and dark night but they could clearly hear each other. To the side the clearing was flushed with light. But the two angry figures stood in the dark.

“This is ridiculous” hissed a scorched voice. The figure slashed at the tree beside him.

“I know Ungrey” exclaimed another. This tone was louder but less harsh.

“If I don’t find him dead in the next week I’m going to explode!” Ungrey yelled “He’s traveling at this moment, we can’t risk anymore lives being in your stupid ally!”. He breathed loudly and his eyes seemed to glow in rage.

“Being Allies is the only thing keeping him from killing us all!” The other voice boomed again.

“Really Ushrie? So if our “alliance” is keeping us alive WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE DYING!?” his voice hissed with annoyance. “I don’t think our alliance is keeping many “alive’”

“I don’t think you understand” Ushrie confirmed. His annoyed pale green gaze turned angry as he stared at Ungrey.

“If we stay here we’re all going to die you rock!” Ungrey screamed, his voice seemed to echo throughout the entire clearing.

“SHUT UP BEFORE I STUFF BOTH YOUR BRAINS WITH BOULDERS!” Boomed another voice. Ushrie and Ungrey angrily looked over at the place where the voice came from. A slim male figure with dark singed green hair and ragged clothing stood a few meters in front of them. “Would you both QUIT IT WITH THE SCREAMING!. He paused, staying still, making his dead looking skin and ragged amber eyes visible. “Someones gonna get a concussion with all your blabbering” the dead looking figure said again

“Oh look, Frankenstein showed up” Ungrey joked, though there was disappointment in his tone

“Be quiet dog there’s no time for stupid jokes right now.” The dead figure countered. Ungrey snorted at the comment .

“Look we are not going to get anywhere by screaming at each other” Ushrie spoke.

“Well we’re running out of options Alastair.” Ushrie said as he stepped to the figure. His long curly red hair drooped on the sides of his face and his pale green eyes glittered as the moonbeams lit up the clearing, he wore a white shirt and brown pants with a long red jacket resembling a trench coat. “Alastair, he’s of your kind surely you would know how to kill him.” Ushrie hoped.

“Correction, he’s of my kind…gone wrong, obvious.” Alastair said without hesitation.

Ungrey stepped closer to Alastair, his hair was dark brown and his eyes were a mix of amber and gold, he wore a grey t-shirt with a denim jacket overtop.

“So what! You know him better than we do! Surely you know something!” Ungrey exclaimed

“Honestly would you stop barking I can’t hear myself think” Alastair mumbled

“Why you little.” Ungrey glared at Alastair.

“WOULD YOU BOTH STOP FIGHTING!” Ushrie barged in. He looked frustrated yet panicked.
Alastair and Ungrey looked at each other and and both backed away.

Ushrie paused for a long moment “I think that we should plan a attack.” he said

“An attack?!” Alastair exclaimed “Are you mad? That would be suicide by yourself Ushrie! I know gargoyles are tough but they can’t do it by themselves!”

“Exactly. That’s why we should all defeat him together as one army.” Ushrie explained.
Ungrey and Alastair paused and looked at each other for a long moment then looked back at Ushrie.

“It might work…” Ungrey confessed. “If we knew where he was we could strike him while he’s weak…” Ungrey shifted his gaze towards Alastair. “Does he have any weaknesses?”

“Not that he ever shared them” Alastair explained “My people don’t even know my weaknesses…most don’t share them. It would make us vulnerable and even fatal among others.”

“Eh fair enough.” Ungrey said. Ushrie uncomfortably looked at the others.

”Okay it’s settled, Ungrey bring your pack and meet me and the gargoyles at Skyrock, Alastair can you meet us departing to Hollow entrance?…12 months”


“I don’t like it but deal” Alastair growled.

“Meeting dismissed” Ushrie announced.
Everyone turned and walked in opposite directions.

The clearing went silent.


Author’s note:

The picture above is almost 8 months old…Look at the vivid changes in there expressions 😀😛

2 Percent Milk.


This is a quick little post about… MY THOUGHTS ON 2% MILK (please don’t judge).

2% Milk is good by why call it “2% milk?”.
I know it means 2% milk fat, but the name makes it seem like it’s only 2% of milk and 98 percent other stuff.
Why name it that? It sounds so unappealing to me and a little gross…imagine if 2% milk WAS actually only 2% of milk? Gross right.
Rename it 98 percent milk or something cause 2% milk sounds gross…it’s 98 percent milk…like why name it that? Ew…



I’m sorry for the lack of updates on the blog but its winter break and…i’m not gonna lie, I forgot I had a blog for a few days XD

this is more of a news post than  a post-post. I’m going to inform you of whats going on on the blog and stuff…and things.

-There is going to be a story.

-thats it XD

that’s all for now,

forgive me for no posts ;~;




Sorry… :(

Umm I know I promised you this post would be a speed draw but… I made the video then my computer was like NOPE, and deleted it. I am Going to make a new video but it will take time.

That’s all