Nacho with remote control
I can’t find the remote…oh wait I’m sitting on it.

 Stuart Fulcher via Compfight

*Long frustrated sigh* PEEVES The bane of my existence…and now I will share MY peeves with you… (in order, like 1 being I CAN’T STAND THIS ONE, and 5 being EH).

5. When I can’t find the TV remote…example: I went to watch the new 5th season of my favorite TV show and I could find the remote…*angered sigh* (The reason this one is not that high on list is because I can always just go watch it on my tablet.)

4. When someone sings or whistles to a song WHEN I JUST WANT TO HEAR THE SONG NOT THEM.

3. When someone thinks they’re more smart and mature than you just because they’re older (aka older siblings) EVERY. TIME. EVER

2. When one of my favorite characters in a TV dies or leaves…WHY, WHY ME? (WHY, ROBIN? WHY?) Happens every time.

1, When my favorite TV shows either discontinue or run out of seasons… (Silently cries in corner in grief)

WELP, that wraps it up! My top 5 pet peeves! I’ll keep posting more as soon as possible. Hmm tell me your biggest pet peeve! (Also for those who don’t know what a pet peeve is, it’s when your pet really peeves you off)

4 thoughts on “PEEVES

    • Hey Jasmine,
      I am happy you liked my post and found it interesting.
      and yes number 4 is so annoying, have it ever happened to you?.
      I’ll be sure to check out your blog,
      Have a fantastic day,

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